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Track Whatever, Whenever with Better Visibility- Even at Remote Location!!

Today, more than ever, it is critical for organizations to have real-time data and control over critical infrastructure and remote assets.

Remote and geographically dispersed assets take time, resources, and money to secure and support. This used to require dedicated systems, or more likely, people traveling from one remote location to another. Neither approach generated the real-time information to make critical decisions.

With Remote Monitoring and Management solutions, companies can reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and improve available capacity and control of facilities. And even create new, innovative business models.

With remote monitoring solution, not only will you know if your equipment is functioning as designed, if there is a problem you’ll be instantly alerted, thereby improving security, minimizing downtime and mitigating risk. And with today’s advanced solutions, you have more power than ever to monitor commodities in real time and adjust pricing or supply accordingly.

Teramatrix comprehensive web based monitoring and control software package this highly flexible system offers an extremely attractive system in the remote management of your assets.

What if You Could..

  • Reduce travel and other operational costs associated with on-site visits?
  • Achieve faster first-time-fix repairs?
  • Reduce the number of “no problem- found” service calls?
  • Better utilize local service experts?
  • Remotely repair, calibrate and administer devices?
  • Improve device uptime and performance?
  • Increase customer satisfaction?

Remote Asset Monitoring At a Glance

Security Management

Integrate with security measures to receive alerts on intrusion. The solution also resolves the pain points like fuel, battery, and power pilferage.

Site Management

Connect devices & equipment at remote sites and manage the critical site parameters, hence empowering efficient management of site and devices.

Real-Time Monitoring

Capture real-time information and control passive assets remotely without any need to dispatch a field technician – thus save time and money.

Monitoring and
Service Agents

RAM Agents are lightweight M2M tools that can run inside a remotely managed equipment or machinery, as well as inside an external monitoring appliance.

Live and Historic Data Charting

A comprehensive set of visualization tools makes it easy to discover the root cause of device problems. Have proactive corrective approach to eliminate interruptions.

Energy audit &
Fuel Monitoring

Keep a check on the most vital and cost-intensive parameters that decide the profitability of your business operation. Minimize your energy and fuel costs.

Remote Asset Management Process



Energy Monitoring
Monitor unlimited equipment and assets with a wide range of monitoring parameters.  Extensive data Integration Library supports all Standard and non-standard protocols.
Data Security and Reliability
The solutions use proven, industry standard, end-to-end encryption and authentication technologies (LDAP, TACACS, RADIUS) to ensure the highest level of data security.
Highly Scalable
Monitor unlimited equipment and assets with a wide range of monitoring parameters.  Extensive data Integration Library supports all Standard and non-standard protocols.
Advanced Reporting & Dashboard
Visually analyze overall device usage pattern, critical alerts, and failures. Track key performance indicators and generate comprehensive reports on the go.
Integration Framework
Comprehensive integration framework enables numerous applications to utilize site data. Integrate with your existing IT infra (ERP, CRM, Billing, etc.) and ensure seamless data flow.
Powerful GIS integration
Integration with GIS Maps enables you to locate the assets accurately , create custom map-based workflows, pinpoint locations, dispatch and scheduling from map as well
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  • Schedule Predictive Maintenance measures
  • Remote Monitoring via RTU and sensors
  • Monitor Environmental Parameters
  • Fuel and battery management
  • Connect legacy equipment to advanced networks
  • Big Data Support
  • Manage Custom Thresholds for the Alarms
  • Connection Health status checks
  • Live visibility of key performance indicators
  • Notification & Fault Escalation Engine

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