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NOCOUT Service Assurance gives communication network operators monitoring, access, and control of the remote or unmanned communication equipment sites on their network.

The internet and mobile revolution has changed the way people communicate, thus modifying the communication service landscape. These changes have had an enormous effect on the lives of many consumers. For many end-users, lack of a mobile phone or online presence means they do not exist. Thus, communication-based services are quickly becoming one of our basic needs, creating an ideal situation for CSPs.

Considering the bottlenecks created due to huge inflow on information in any Cellular Network and scarcity of adequate resources to convert this pileup of information into a more usable knowledge base, experience shows that 30% or more time of your valuable workforce is spent on managing data across multiple software and manual interfaces deployed to visualize, analyse and optimize the Network.

We started with the ultimate goal of creating autonomous and smart network infrastructure and visualize clutter of huge data into relevant information, pertaining to actionable intelligence. NOCOUT caters to the massive data volumes involved, real-time processing and the requirement for a huge number of users to simultaneous access information, the flexibility required to integrate into customer-specific processes, and the intelligence required to deliver substantial analysis and results.

The Teramatrix Service Assurance Tool implements service fulfillment according to the component based service creation concept. The service catalog, which stores service specifications enhanced with management meta-data, serves as a recipe for the service delivery process. Service Inventory acts as a hub for service fulfillment and service assurance implementations.

Why you Need a Service Assurance Strategy?

  • Performance indices from OEM need audit
  • Missing pro-active approach due to 24 hour reporting cycle
  • Poor Co-relation in Multi-vendor scenario
  • Uncomprehensive or NO Geo-spatial visualization of Fault and Performance Indices
  • Business Units centric Actionable Intelligence missing
  • Denomination of KPI – A Number NOT $$$
  • Operationally inefficient manual Reporting, repetition across markets

Let us Share some Insight from our Past Implementations



NOCOUT At a Glance


  • GIS View
  • Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology
  • Vendor Agnostic Integration
  • Lightweight Mobile Application

  • Network Status
  • Unusual Events
  • Network availability
  • Regulatory Performance index

  • Improved QoS
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Network Performance
  • Low operational expense

NOCOUT Service Assurance Modules

Fault Management

Real Time Monitoring

Key Performance Reports

DIY Dashboards

MS + RNP Signoff Automation

Network Exclusions

Capacity Re-farming

Solution Extensions

Outage Impact
in Terms of $$$

Know the impact on your Business due to unwanted outages in terms of revenue. Take preemptive measures to minimize the losses.

Improve Customer

Shorten customer impact analysis to seconds, as well as introduce pro-active customer service monitoring and Quality of Service (QoS) metrics.

Unify and
Simplify Interfacing

Easy & Flexible interfacing between one Umbrella Service Assurance Layer and a multi-vendor, multi-technology Network Infrastructure.


Common Integrated Platform
System supports various Telecom Network Equipment & Protocol Standards of Nokia-Siemens, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Nortel, and Alcatel.
Data Reconciliation
Captured data is reconciled on a regular basis with historical BSC events. All the compliance reports thus generated should be in sync with the system logs
Notification Engine
Instant Messaging, email and escalation support for alert addressing and fault response based on organizational structure.
Power Meter
Monitoring of passive parameters like power consumption, fuel usage, grid supply and battery health. Based on a predictive analysis method.
Service Delivery Standards
Integrated docket management application with workflow management to keep track of service related issues, resolution promptness and QoS guarantee.
GIS View
System marks and highlights all the sites, on Map, with colours according to their live status. Map-centric visualization organized around an engineer’s most common tasks

Value Proposition

  • Umbrella Platform for analysis, management, performance, planning etc services for network quality management
  • OSS performance data, configuration management data & MAP data on a single platform for combined analysis
  • A shift from resource-centric Fault & Performance Management towards customer-centric Service Assurance
  • Service level agreement (SLA) manager with “Dashboard Indicator” based decision support system for managers – bird’s eye view of the network
  • Google Earth MAPS used as background for vector, clutter and geographic data genuine accuracy
  • Remote Operations and increased Recovery Times– lowers costs
  • System for RAN, OSS, Packet, Transmission, Router, Applications – hassle free & cost effective operations


  • Multi-Tech Support: 2G, 3G, CDMA, LTE, Wi-Max, Wi-fi
  • Distributed Probe based Architecture
  • Fixed, Wireless and Data/IP Networks
  • Benchmarking different operators KPI Parameters
  • Granularity of Data from 15, 30, 60 minutes
  • Fault & Alarm Management, Integrated Docket Handling
  • Network Topology & Heat Maps
  • Executive Real-time Dashboards
  • Drill Down KPI  & Statistical Reports
  • Service Assurance – 220K+ Telco Nodes in real-time
  • Control over service based performance matrices
  • Notification & Fault Escalation Engine