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In the networked society, people live and communicate on the Internet and expect their communication services to be personalized and easy to use.

Current markets, however, are highly fragmented and most service application offerings have been designed independently for specific vertical applications. This leads to lengthy and costly projects for each new application which in turn impedes large-scale M2M/IoT deployment. Today’s deployments also pose additional technical challenges in managing large numbers of disparate devices, providing security guarantees, and implementing service discovery.

Teramatrix Service Enablement Solution powered by xFusion IoT Platform gives operators a toolset to delight subscribers with creative applications and develop new business models. It also improves partnering capabilities, providing a foundation to further enhance value in the growing mobile ecosystem. As a result, operators can differentiate offerings with services that provide value, better monetize assets, and put user experience and personalization first.

Service Enablement At a Glance

Service Creation

Service Enablement presents service provider assets in a reusable way that permits the creation of sellable services through orchestration by the operator or partners.

Business Models

A Service Enablement approach enables communication service providers to connect with customers, define their business models with over-the-top players and enter new verticals with new business partners.

Customer Delight

Enable the best customer experience and business models powered by a proven service enablement platform with industrialized software solutions with flexibility to meet future needs.

Expand into New
Value Chains

Diversify and expand beyond traditional telecom services. Service Exposure enables the implementation of totally new revenue streams and business models and can also allow applications from enterprises or web to utilize operator assets.

Build Brand Recognition
and Customer Loyalty

Customers expect every interaction with their communication service provider to be personal and an outstanding experience. Offer a real-time, personalized end user experience and enable them to connect transparently to their subscribed services.

Deliver Profitable
Mobile Broadband

Charge for data services in any way imaginable and meet the demands of consumers today and in the future. Create products and awareness to address consumer needs. Overcome the commoditized pricing of “all you can eat” and generate profits from differentiated services.


Automated Service Discovery
Significantly reduces management costs and automates the deployment process by removing human involvement and offline provisioning
Unified Service Exposure
Support innovative revenue streams and business models on applications from Enterprises or Web.
Service Mashup & Bashup
Mashup Builder empowers developers and business users to rapidly create rich, interactive applications, real-time dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces.
Scalable Service Platform

Simplifies connectivity to remote products and assets with a variety of connectivity options and architectures. Scale your deployments from small to very large networks.

Enterprise Integration
M2M/IoT service operators to smoothly integrate different applications and manage the whole M2M/IoT eco-system with greatly reduced CAPEX and OPEX.
Web based Open APIs & SDK
SOAP, REST based web services enables seamless integration of tens of thousands of devices in real time. Allows applications to communicate, enabling a variety of M2M/IoT services.


  • Converged Service Creation & Execution.
  • Optimized delivery & network utilization
  • Service Exposure with SLA management
  • Business consulting, architecture and solution integration
  • Service Revenue growth, improves ROI and profitability
  • Put the user in control of their Mobile Broadband services.
  • Enable Connected Cloud
  • Network & Vendor Agnostic