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How to innovate operations so there is more transparency and accountability?

In-Field Intelligence ensures that you understand your service business and that your service business understands the objectives set, so the right field crew, with the right skills, tools and parts, gets to the right place at the right time.

If your business has a direct sales force or a large number of engineers across the country engaged in face-to-face selling of products or providing a valuable service to your customers, then managing this workforce becomes a huge challenge. 

Whether you want to be able to track assets remotely, notify your workforce when important changes occur or pinpoint the location of a sales agent or engineer, you want to be in control at all times.

In-Field Intelligence is at the core of workforce optimization and allows companies to optimize the full life cycle of field operations, including short cycle emergency work, sales and collection jobs, meter services, compliance jobs, maintenance and inspection jobs..

Teramatrix In-Field Intelligence solution understands your need to automate day-to-day field operations which may involve dispatch of useful information to field personnel, abiding to business workflows and ensuring task lifecycle completeness.

In-Field Intelligence At a Glance


  • Custom Data Collection Forms
  • Configuration Management
  • Choose your own Notifications
  • Create Teams and Projects

  • Collect and Analyze field data
  • Share field data instantly
  • Eliminate paper Trail
  • Reduced Response time
  • Comprehensive Dashboards
  • Powerful report builder
  • Tag and Analyze on-field assets
  • Easily Integrate with your CRM

Schedule and

Schedule daily jobs and dispatch the field workers intelligently by locating their exact location. Get the status of the job in real time and visualize field data using a single screen dashboard.

Build Brand Recognition
and Customer Loyalty

Quick & Proactive customer service, satisfied customer. Offer a real-time, personalized end user experience and enable them to connect transparently to their subscribed services.


Enable seamless integration between the system and other enterprise platforms such as CRM, ERP, databases, Bluetooth printers, POS terminals, Card Machines etc.


Notification Engine
Instant messaging, email and escalation support for alert addressing and fault response. System can automatically send notifications at regular intervals for pre-configured alerts.
GIS View
Coordinate seamlessly with background location update and history tracking. Get reports based on geography by simple integration with Google, Bing, Garmin, MapMyIndia GIS platforms.
Forms and Workflows
Tailored to your needs and practices and aligned with your business workflows. Ready to deliver robust results every day in an ever changing environment.
Web Access
You can see the status, real time location, schedule and dispatch the jobs, see dashboard and reporting. User based authorization, and the ability to calculate journey times and arrival time.
Route Optimization
Optimize your route – so you spend less time in driving and more time in doing. Route optimization and scheduled delivery resulting in fuel consumption reduction by up to 50%.
GIS Analytics
GIS based heat maps and custom layers enable you to have valuable analytics for your business, like high performing nodes, sales & service coverage, etc.


  • Easy Information Sharing and Transparency
  • Automate field operations and Dispatch
  • QR Code & NFC based workflows
  • Identifying the nearest fieldworker to attend request
  • Define Workflows, Automate Processes
  • Reduce overtime by 10-60%
  • Reduces Operating Risks, mitigate human errors
  • Improve mobile workforce productivity
  • Accurate risk assessment & targetted resource allocation 
  • Objective insight into site Validations and Area Targeting