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Disaster Response Management System for Natural disasters and catastrophic events threatening the livelihood around the world.

The challenge for organizations and communities today is to make themselves more resilient in the face of the unexpected, and more agile and responsive when disaster strikes. This is exactly the kind of problem Teramatrix is committed to solve.

In response to public authorities’ demand for public warning systems CSPs are looking for efficient solutions. Teramatrix provides you with all necessary enablers to timely alert your subscribers located in specific areas.

Teramatrix Disaster Response Management Solution integrates with government agencies into disaster management and CSPs, providing them with a set of tools to mobilize the population located in affected areas deploying unified messaging solution.

The solution deploys the Location Registers of CSPs, hence knowing the location of all the subscribers the solution is able to target the subscribers in specific locations, saving the government agencies spending time in manual procedures.

Disaster Response At a Glance

Integration with CSPs
The solution integrates with all the CSPs and fetch the location of subscribers from HLR, and present the information to respective government agency operators, to provide a situational awareness of who all are in the way of harm.
Powerful GIS Integration
Integrated with Weather stations the agencies know the affected areas, the information is displayed on GIS maps. Creating a geofence around the affected area lets the system automatically decide the targeted audience.
Unified Messaging Platform
The unified messaging platform lets the operator to configure the messages as per the targeted subscribers as per their locations. The messages can be scheduled and updated as per the current location of subscribers.

Protecting and
Mobilizing Personnel

Dispersed geography makes it difficult to mobilize the population from affected areas effectively due to limited resources. Teramatrix Disaster response solution enable government agencies and personnel with seamless integration with CSPs that people are out of harm’s way.

Weather Stations

Close integration with weather station and alert system makes it easier to have a real-time outlook of the situation as it changes and taking appropriate measures to ensure minimum damages. The GIS platform imports the weather alerts and suggest the action as per defined rules.

Deliver Resources
Where They are Needed

Knowing the location of subscribers at all times the status of evacuation is always on the tip of agencies. The field resources of these agencies can be dispatched to take control of situation and provide help when and where it is needed in no time.