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xFusion IOT Platform / Launch, Manage & Monetize your IoT Rollout

With more than 50 billion connected devices predicted by 2020, an interconnected world of intelligent systems is becoming a reality. From remote health monitoring to smart meters to traffic information on your car’s GPS, the ways in which real-time intelligence from remote machines can be used seem endless. And with these new possibilities come great opportunities: Companies can use this data to become more efficient, cut costs, and open up new revenue streams.

A range of M2M platforms has emerged to assist with the development of M2M applications. The overall M2M space has been focused on increasing the efficiency of M2M applications deployments, rather than enabling common grounds to innovate IoT Service rollout. xFusion IoT platform focus on horizontal capabilities to increasingly productize the overall M2M Service Enablement.

Platform Enablers

Device Access
xFusion IoT platform, built for large-scale deployments, gives you the tools to operate value-adding, reliable and secure connected services. To ensure your connected devices are always online, we provide auto-discovery, Embedded Agents, fail-over mechanisms, alarm triggers and redundancy.
Connect & Capture
You need the technology that will help your business communicate better. We help you integrate hardware and software to capture the data from all your connected machines and devices. Our Data Aggregation Agents (On-demand Pollers) capture the device data over varied protocols.
Data Management
Easy-to-access high performance M2M data model give you a common operational picture, hence turning information into action. Rule Engine Processes data and events and triggers alarms and complex actions based on Correlation of feeds from multiple devices and applications.
Service Enablement
The Platform’s core lies within its Service Enablement module, you can create you own service Mashups, specific to end-customers transforming device data to Application ready information. Integrates the data, activities, and events from People, Systems, and the Physical World.
Enterprise Integration
Our open REST APIs integrates with your existing business systems. Platform Web Portal can visualize data and manage connected devices. We connect with your existing IT infra, whether it is a CRM, ERP, NOC, etc. to ensure that information stay seamless and all stakeholders are benefited.
Integration Framework
The Integration Framework provides an extensible framework built on industry standards that accelerates integration between the Platform and enterprise systems or Applications. Open SDKs help 3rd party developers to create their Applications and bring them on-board with xFusion IoT.


  • Offer New Services
  • Enhance Existing Products
  • Quick & Adaptive Service Rollouts


  • Run Remote Diagnostics
  • Pro-active, Real-time Support
  • Automated Action Dispatch


  • Protect and enhance your brand
  • Open New Revenue Streams
  • Boost Operational Efficiencies

xFusion IoT Platform Solutions

We want to make it easier for you to connect your products and realize smart services. With Teramatrix, we offer a complete solution together with partners – bringing you to market faster.

Connected Vehicles
Remote Asset Monitoring
Smart Energy
Security & Surveillance
Building Automation
Smart Cities & Homes