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Intelligent Wireless Network Monitoring and Top-Notch Control to Optimize your Network

xFusion- WiSURE is a carrier grade service assurance platform for communication service providers for unified monitoring and control of multi-tech & multi-vendor wireless infrastructure which helps communication service providers to serve their customers better. WiSURE’s flexible architecture offers seamless integration with LTE, UBR (P2P & P2MP), WiMax and Wi-Fi infrastructure and their EMS’s.

Teramatrix’s vast library of vendor specific adapters ensures a rapidly deployable and scalable solution for device management, workflow automation, bandwidth utilization, capacity planning and rapid fault resolution. This enables the service provider to have an end-to-end visibility ensuring peak operational efficiency and optimized customer experience

WiSure At a Glance

Proactive Fault Resolution

Features such as on-demand polling and correlation between service delivery life-cycle and events associated with faulty network elements and performance degradation enable NOC personnel to drill down and carry out RCA of faults, ensuring improved MTTR.

GIS Visibility

System marks and highlights all the sites, links, connectivity and coverage on map with color coded markers and thematic views. Displays live connectivity, inventory details, performance parameters, fresnel zone analysis and drills down to micro level information

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Offers CSPs the flexibility to scale up, scale down their monitored infra as per the need. The pay-as-you-go services enable ubiquitous management of wireless infrastructure delivering high quality services to the stakeholders with lower TCO and faster turnaround time.

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology

Supports wide variety of wireless network equipment & protocol standards. Efficiently monitors any technology and integrates with other transport mode or any custom hardware O&M integration.

Reports and Dashboards

Aesthetically analyze data in graphical and tabular formats. The extensive graphing and charting options offers easy customizable reports ensuring the complete visibility of information that drives business efficiency for your enterprise.

WiSure LITE for Mobile Device

Light weight iOS and Android App assists real-time monitoring on smart phones and tablets for the management and field staffs. The mobile applications are designed to provide a light weight and easy access to the platform.

Proven Integration Expertise

The highly flexible NBIs provide uniform interface and facilitate quick interface development towards other third party systems enabling automation in the operation process.

Comprehensive adapter catalogue of multiple off-the shelf, vendor specific interfaces
Integration with EMS and OSS for OEMs
Integration with 3rd party tools for ticketing, change management, inventory, provisioning, BI, ERP, CRM etc.
NBIs and Open integration capabilities


  • Vendor / Technology agnostic monitoring
  • Performance trends analysis
  • GIS visualization with drill down to atomic level
  • App based CXO dashboards for bird’s eye view
  • Process centric rules with customized notifications
  • Concurrent aggregation from millions of data points
  • Fault Isolation & Root Cause Analysis
  • Improve MTTR with data correlation