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Detect the Unwanted Revenue Leaks and Maximize the Revenue

Government and Telecom regulatory bodies need to implement a rigorous monitoring system that will enable Government to independently collate, from the billing engines of the mobile telecom operators, the Call Detail Records (CDR) logged by their billing engines for revenue monitoring and audit purpose.

TERAMATRIX provides powerful telecom revenue auditing and assurance solution, which has a distributed and scalable multi-threaded architecture that supports multi-vendor and multi-technology Upstream and Downstream BSS elements with multiple protocols and interfaces efficiently.

It has a robust bidirectional engine that collects data from the various billing systems and networks of various operators and sends commands to the centralized server. The solution can collect data from multiple sources such as Usage Measurements Points, Billing engines, and xDRs. This data can be easily parsed, transformed, formatted, and validated to store in a database and can provide valuable insights for monitoring, compliance and Audit purposes.

Revsure Modules

xDR collection and Mediation

Remote Connection Module

Inter-Connection & International Call Management

Roaming and Off-Net xDR cross Validation

Data Warehousing

Billing gateway and Front-end


Reasons You’ll Love Revsure

Capability to supports various and diverse network and billing technologies with customized probe integration.
Real-time operational tool that executes vendor and technological specific implementation rules (libraries) to collect and process data.
Easily adaptable to new versions upgrades within a short time span.
Flexible and easy-to-use GUI for administration and visualization with role based access system.
Modular architecture and scalable to meet industry trend and standard practices.
Support open architecture with standard industry protocol and best practices.

Revenue Intelligence At a Glance

CDR collection and processing

Processing of CDRs received from different switch models and Classification of CDRs into transit and subscriber records (subscriber CDRs are forwarded to the main billing system). The solution also gives control over CDR numbering to ensure data integrity.

Information support
Automatic preparation and mailing of various statements to interconnect partners, Mailing of transaction reports and Analysis of network traffic and forecasting of financial flows. Suggestions based on the least cost routing is also possible.
Monitoring Charging and discounts
Charging rules based on System time, switch time or local time, Traffic route, Ratio between inbound and outbound traffic (matrix rating) and Total volume of inbound traffic. Fast traffic conversion for usage charging and discounts.
Control over interaction with partners
Automatic traffic reconciliation. Traffic reconciliation is designed to compensate for the discrepancies of switch standards, time offset, etc. The list of discrepancies in CDRs is generated. Control of QoS for compliance with SLAs. Intuitive purpose-built interface for the configuration of tariff models and charging rules for the Interconnect traffic.


Multiple Business Support
Support for multiple types of businesses – interconnect, roaming, revenue sharing, wholesale.
Multiple Service Support
Multiple types of services – voice, data, SMS, MMS, content and others.
Rule Engine
Rule-based rating, billing, tax calculation and discounting.
Partner Management

Agreement and partner management

Routing optimization
Suggestions based on the least cost routing for optimized Routing.
Web based Open Interfaces
SOAP, REST based web services enables seamless integration with new applications and 3rd party systems.


  • 50% Cost savings with multiple business models
  • 38% less software upgrades due to rule-based config
  • Increase in performance with a file based data storage
  • Advance rating by powerful built-in aggregating engine
  • Dispute management and reconciliation
  • Revenue Sharing Modelling